At some point i will properly fix this page. In the meantime, here are some photos and videos from our testing and demos from our research! Enjoy ;-)

• Here is my Lancaster University lab setup, or as people call it, my NASA setup! This is where I did my AAA, Security and Mobility experiments! No respectable Greek researcher, would be able to do experiments without coffee! So, my silver coffee mug is always there (on the left) supporting me during the unusual lab hours!

• Testing our long-range WiFi link from Low Fell to Grasmoor (Lake District, UK) [April 2008] :


• Testing our Satellite link to Astra 1E Satellite at 23.5°E at Rannerdale, East shore of Crummock Water (Lake District, UK) [August 2008] :


• Getting backhaul connectivity from Rannerdale to the Internet, using two long-range wireless links. One from Rannerdale Car Park to Low Fell (4.1Km) and from there relaying to Moota Hill (10.1 km) north of Cockermouth, Lake District. Many thanks to the ISS guys! [September 2008] :


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